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Hi, my name is Linda and welcome to my Graves’ Disease blog. I was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease in late 2005. When I first started researching Graves’ Disease, I found quite a few medical resources available in the form of books and internet resources regarding symptoms and treatment options, but I found few real-time stories written by people living first-hand with Graves’ Disease. Over time I became more and more interested in how people actually dealt with what was happening to them. Graves Disease can be trying and complex, both physically and emotionally. It was from that point of view I started typing away with my first blog-post back in May of 2007.

What did I hope to accomplish with this blog? First, I wanted to share my personal experience with Graves Disease as it manifested itself in my everyday life. Second, I wanted to talk about symptoms, treatment, coping and more, so others would have an idea of what they might expect based on my experience. And third, and most importantly, I wanted to provide a place for others to post their comments so that readers could benefit from all of our shared stories.

Graves’ Disease is without question a life-altering experience and if I can help just one person here I will have accomplished my mission.

Fast-forward a couple of years into my anti-thyroid drug treatment and not only was I feeling better, but now I wanted to help in more ways. So I began volunteering with the American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association, a national non-profit organization dedicated to autoimmune research, education and advocacy. In October 2010, I became a member of the Board of Directors. I’m so proud and humbled to be a part of this wonderful organization, led by Virginia Ladd, and supported by a dedicated and passionate staff, board, scientific advisory committee, and team of volunteers.

What the future holds remains uncertain. But one thing's for sure—with the help of great resources I was able to equip myself with knowledge that has helped me tremendously. And best of all, I’ve met some wonderful people along the way. For those of you who have taken the time to post a comment, or send me an email, know that you have shaped and influenced my life in ways I could not have imagined.

Finally, remember all of the information I post is based on my personal experience. As I have lived it. I'm sharing what I learned along the way not to provide medical advice, but rather to let you know others have been there too. So please don't use information contained within my site as a substitute for your personal medical care.

Thanks for checking in.
“eye see” Linda

Standard Disclosure: Please note that all opinions are my own. I am not a medical doctor and therefore cannot offer medical advice. I use affiliate links in some of my content and may receive a few pennies for any product recommendation. I only endorse items which I truly feel are of value to my readers, as they have been immense value to me living with Graves' Disease.

P.S. “eye see” is a play upon “I see” which exemplifies my journey of learning and how I felt each time I’d learn something new about Graves’ Disease.

P.S.S. I encourage you to post and share your story, or offer helpful comments. Please note, posts of a commercial nature will not be published.